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About Planet Soap

Planet Soap - amazing essential oil soaps, nettle soap, and luxurious bath bombs made with natural ingredients. The soaps are  made using the traditional cold process method. This creates a lovely skin-nourishing and moisturizing bar, which lathers up beautifully and holds together well.

No SLSs, parabens, or artificial perfumes, colours or other nasties. 

All products are made by hand at the Planet Soap shop, at 31 East High Street, Crieff

We use only high quality ingredients, essential oils for scent, and where colours and exfoliating ingredients are used, these come from natural roots, seeds, and leaves.  The ingredients are vegan-friendly (except for honey in the honey soap) and the palm oil is RSPO certified as sustainably sourced. The different aromatherapy oils used can be beneficial both for the skin and for the mood.  Packaging is kept to a minimum.  

Planet Soap nettle soap is the current best seller. This gentle, unfragranced bar gets lots of great feedback, particularly from people with sensitive, dry or reactive skin, or skin prone to eczema or psoriasis.  

Planet Soap Bath Bombs follow through on the theme of simple, but exquisite skincare recipes from high quality natural ingredients and essential oils. These bath bombs are pure white, so won't stain your bath, and contain Shea Butter and Witch Hazel for the skin, and fragrant essential oils for the soul!  

Planet Soap soy candles are made with natural waxes and essential oils and so are beautifully scented, long lasting and clean burning, with no artificial fumes.

Planet Soap Natural Dog Soap, developed firstly for my own furry ones, contains Argan oil and olive oil, for a natural cleansing bar that leaves coats silky soft and the skin comfy. With a hint of lavender and cedarwood the soap is gently relaxing and smells clean and fresh, but is fine for small dogs and and large. 

In the Crieff shop (31 High St) and on my market stalls I sell other products not yet on the website. If you have seen something that you would like to order but can't find here, just ask via the Contact Us website and if I have it in stock I will sell it! 

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