Planet Soap

Handmade with Essential Oils

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the soaps made? 
At our shop premises in Crieff, Perthshire. 

What is cold process soap?
Cold Process soap is made by combining fatty acids (in oils, nut butters etc) with alkalis (in a solution of water and sodium hydroxide). This forms a chemical reaction - saponifaction - where all of the sodium hydroxide is taken up and converted, along with most of the oils, into soap. Some excess oils remain in the bar "superfatting" the soap. The process creates naturally occurring glycerine which is also retained in the bar, resulting in a very gentle, moisturizing natural soap.

 What are the benefits of this sort of soap?
High quality, natural ingredients, simple recipes, and the cold process method make a gentle, kind, and long lasting soap.
No animal products, parabens, detergents, surfactants, artificial fragrances or artificial colours are used. The deliciously pampering essential oil scents last throughout the bar. Planet Soap bars are also kinder to the environment, made in small batches with minimal processing. Being biodegradable they can even be used when wild 

Is your soap safe for babies and small children?
The scents may be too strong for small children, and so only the Planet Soap Baby Soap is recommended for babies and children under 36 months.

 Are your soaps suitable for for vegetarians? - yes.

& vegans?
Yes. With the exception of the Honey & Oats soap, which contains Scottish Honey, and the Patchouli Mint shampoo which also contains honey. 

Do you use palm oil?
I use olive oil, 
coconut oil and eco palm oil. Due to environmental concerns, I only use certified sustainably sourced palm oil. 

 How do I look after my soap?
 Keep it nice and dry between uses, in a draining soap dish, and it should look after itself. Store in the open air or natural materials such as a paper bag. 
Don't be tempted to wrap it in plastic as natural soaps need to breathe.

How long will it last before using? Stored well it will last for years, in terms of being an effective soap, but it will gradually lose some of its fragrance, shrink a little and become harder and more brittle over time. 

 Why are the labels on the soap written in Latin? To comply with skincare regulations. The Latin labeling means the ingredients can be read by people with different first languages. A plain English version can be viewed online on the products page.