Planet Soap

Handmade with Essential Oils


Quotes I have bought several bars of nettle soap for the psoriasis on my hands. I can tell you it feels great and has helped soothe my hands. Thank you planet soap. Jennifer. Quotes
Jennifer Thriepland
Satisfied Gran

Quotes Patchouli & Palmarosa bath bomb was amazing! I will definitely be coming back for more of those! My skin felt amazing and silky soft and the smell was lush! My bathroom also smells amazing every time I go in as the other 3 I got are sitting there smelling lovely! I will definitely be a regular customer for these & would highly recommend them :) xx Quotes
Bath Bomb Fanatic

Quotes Just used one of your lavender bath bombs. Beautiful scent and left skin really moisturised. So so relaxing. Great product Quotes
happily relaxed customer

Quotes These soaps are amazing! I've always has some kind of issue with my skin, whether that be oily t-zone,being prone to breakouts/dry flaky areas etc. Never been able to find anything that deals with all of these problems at once, always found that something to deal with oily t zone totally dries out dry areas or that products dealing with dry areas create excessive oiliness elsewhere. After using the shea butter & lemongrass soap only twice, my skin feels totally amazing, better than ever! All problem areas have cleared up with no negative effects at all! Skin also feels super soft & moisturised with no oiliness at all. Brilliant! xx Quotes
very satisfied customer

Quotes Wonderful quality soap, Patchouli and orange; divine . Soap still smells till the end.Great find and will try other fragrances. Quotes

Quotes Propperly helped calm my skin and stop it stinging. not what you might expect from Nettle soap. Quotes
Dougie c

Quotes I've just had a bout of shingles and my skin is hyper sensitive so showering as been a problem. I used your nettle soap and it was wonderful over the rash area not causing any futher irritation Nettle soap=no stinging Quotes
nettle soap

Quotes Peppermint & Parsley was very good, particulary on hot sticky days but the Sandalwood is proving to be really good for the skin with gentle exfoliating properties. Quotes
Jim L
Very happy customer

Quotes I'm a lumberjack man (Sandalwood, Cedar & Orange). It's great and you feel really fresh after using it. I'll be buying more! Quotes
Bill Cook
Extremely Satisfied Customer

Quotes Mid March '010. I have been using the Sandalwood soap for three weeks; my rosacea is calming down, and my skin definitely feels less dry and flaky. My wife not only approves, but also likes the smell. I would recommend this soap to blokes who do not wish to be "perfumed " but do wish to be clean. Quotes
Taff; Shrewsbury. User.